Preliminary recommendations
with regards to a
"Dutch Uyghur Human Rights Bill"

As per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted on the general assembly of the United Nations on 1948, among the many rights that every human being is entitled to, are included freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly.

The People’s Republic of China has pledged to protect the rights set out in this declaration by signing this major document of the United Nations. Despite this, the rights of the Uyghur people have been severely violated for decades, with significant abuses that have left millions of Uyghurs deprived of any of their human rights, and lead to the current situation of mass-scale imprisonment in internment camps, against the promise to the world “Never Again” that was made in the wake of the Holocaust that took place during World War II.

This document is to recommend various aspects for consideration in the drafting of what would become a Dutch Uyghur Human Rights Law or Dutch Uyghur Human Rights Bill.

you can download the full file by this link.